The images below are of a bamboo puzzle purchased from one of the Socrates line of Children's Toy shops.
The manufacturer is Ningbo Mi Toys and Gifts Co Ltd.
This "Tri-frame" puzzle is the only model in my collection not actually designed by myself.
Lot's more to follow... stay tooned!

However this structure, I believe is destined to become a vanguard of future architecture
and possibly also to provide an alternate perspective to conventional understandings of solid geometry.

I have labeled the four spatial dimensions which are the basis of this structure,
each dimension being represented by three parallel members (or rods) and each with thin coloured line extensions.
Note that the number and arrangement of the thinner 12 rods is identical to that of the thicker rods.
Also note that there is NO glue used un this structure, and no "trick" parts.
There are 12 each of both thick and thin rods, the thick ones being twice the diameter of the thin ones
and each of the thick rods have five identical equally spaced holes in every rod.

If this puzzle tickles your fancy then go and buy one from your nearest Socrates store (of which I have no affiliation)

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