Warrawee PS '62 & Asquith BHS '68 + Reunion 23rd Nov 08

These are pics taken at the Coonanbarra Cafe, Wahroonga at the reunion of mainly Warrawee PS and Asquith BHS students
on 23rd Nov 2008. The invitation was widened to include all those local to the area as long as their birth year was 1950
or shared the same classes of those who were.

Although I have two separate email groups for both schools I would like to propose a union of both because the kinship
of those sharing the same birth year was obvious and very special to experience again after 40 and 46 years for most.

If you would like to be included on an email group please send me an email at

peter at adderley dot net dot au (excuse the words as it eliminates address mining and spamming)

I can also be reached by phone on (02) 4328 1810

At the end of the day and because so many people who wanted to come couldn't make it we all agreed that reunions like this
should become a regular thing, so your inclusion to the email group will keep you in touch with events.