"the ART of FLOWERS"
Asian Splendour at Government House
Sydney, 8-9th October 2005

Here are images of two bamboo structures I built for this exhibition.
The structures were designed and built by me and were decorated by my friend Setsuko.
Setsuko and her husband Ben own and run a combination coffee/flower shop at Glebe
very close to the city of Sydney.

These were my own photos and I admit they're not good. I had to grovel on hands and knees to get them and was given about 30 seconds to take the four shots.
It seemed strange at the time that I was not really allowed to photograph my own works.

The main "double tet" tripod structure came about after a curious discussion between Setsuko and myself. Setsuko had observed some of my quirky geometric modeling structures and there was instant chemistry.

This is a scale model of the proposed arrangement.
The three main tripod poles were a little over two metres long and 100mm in diameter.
The intermediate poles were approx. 60mm diameter.

The bamboo structure here is an example of what is called "4-axis rod-packing", (although it has nothing to do with guns ;-). See scale model below.

Scale model of "4-axis rod-packing".