The Metaview logo and background

The origin of my company logo is the story of my fascination for solid geometry.
I guess it all started back in school when my father brought home a book “Mathematical Games and Diversions” by Martin Gardner. I became so addicted to the Soma Cube that as I walked from class to class I began to imagine the school buildings fitting in to one another like soma cube pieces. I later became distracted from my obsession my other trivial matters, like life and education, neither of which I was any good at.
A few years later I saw a wonderful puzzle in a shop window in Tokyo, almost identical to the one on the right above. Somehow I could see exactly how it was constructed without even touching it. I could also see how it could be expanded to make a more complex version. I bought some square section wood and began carving.
The finished model was twice the structural dimensions of the original,that is instead of 2x2x2, mine was 4x4x4, ie 24 pieces instead of 6. I had discovered my next obsession. The 24 piece puzzle proved extremely difficult to construct but paradoxically it was even more difficult to disassemble. In the 35 years since I made the puzzle only two people have ever pulled it apart.
Anyway I got distracted from my wooden puzzles by another combination of trivialities, work and raising a family.