Here is short document that has probably had the most influence on my thinking and behaviour of any I have read in many years. I felt honoured to have known Allen but my parents were amongst his closest friends. Allen's inexhaustable enthusiasm and staunch resolution to his work were extremely infectious. The short document below encapsulates his thinking so well.

Mayoral tribute to Beryl Strom Gosford Mayor Cr Robert Bell paid tribute to Beryl Strom last week,
following her death on November 23 2002.

He said residents of the Peninsula and beyond had known how tirelessly Beryl Strom worked for our communities,
the natural environment, the built environment and for education programs.
"Beryl typified the volunteer community-minded person who can achieve so much to make our community better
for now and in the future," said Cr Bell.
"I first met Beryl in the spring of 1980 and she and Allen were advocating more National Parks and
community environmental education.
"In 1981, Beryl and Allan Strom, Jan Smith and myself were the founding members of the
Gosford District Environmental Foundation.
"The Foundation started to inform the community about the value of our natural world.
"Beryl and Allan were the driving force behind my proposal to Council for its first environmental officer in 1986.
"Beryl wrote many publications and her passion for the built environment led to Council placing 136 items of
heritage in the Council LEP on Heritage in 1986.

"In 1991, Beryl was awarded an OAM for Service to Central Coast History and to the Community.
"In 2001, Council finally appointed an environmental education officer to staff.

"Beryl will be missed by many in our community and this lady will be remembered far and wide for having a profound impact
on people's thinking of more than just themselves," said Cr Bell.

Press release, November 25 2002

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